The important differences between first-person and third-person games

Picture this: you are a game developer, and you are currently working on a shooter. Obviously you are going to design weapons that pack a punch, program the AI so that it can adapt to sundry in-game situations , and design environments that can accommodate multiple combat tactics and strategies that can range from… »8/27/15 6:30am8/27/15 6:30am

Why Riot Tweaks League Of Legends To Make It Better For Its Best Players

A frequent topic of discussion in the League of Legends community is: who, exactly, is Riot incessantly tweaking and updating its game for? Does the developer prioritize the eSports stars, high-ranking amateurs, or more casual players? They don’t go to the very top of the food chain, it turns out. But they get close. »5/19/15 12:45pm5/19/15 12:45pm

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s Changes, Through the Eyes of a Pro

So, we know that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3's going to have more, well, everything. More backgrounds, more modes, more new characters. But, part of how Capcom's been positioning this update has been to talk about the tweaks and changes that will make UMvC3 a better more ultimate game than its predecessor. »10/24/11 10:40am10/24/11 10:40am