Animal Crossing's Character Creator Is Better Than Ever

Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets players get really creative with some new custom character features to choose from. I’ve been having a great time kicking off on my new island life in style.

For starters, the new addition of darker skin tones is a very welcome change given what folks used to have to do to have an in-game character that looked more like them. It’s a small step from Nintendo, but I’ve definitely seen positive reactions to it after Nintendo Directs. So kudos, Nintendo.


And even though the game only lets you choose between a male and female “style,” you can still dress up in whatever clothes you want and use any hairstyle that suits your overall style. Those are no gender-locked clothing or hair options, so you can go crazy and wear whatever suits you.

New Horizons also lets you customize your eyes, eye color, nose, and mouth. You can even apply a little blush, too, if you’re up for it. Your choices aren’t locked in for good—as you play, you’ll unlock more hairstyles and hair colors, so nothing is permanent, as long as you make a mirror for your house, which lets you switch it up whenever you want. Take a look at the video above to check out what’s available in the game’s opening character creator.


Bourbon Dingo

I got a notification that my shipment could be delayed a few days, so I jumped on the digital bandwagon. I’ve got the app icon taunting me right now, and I am trying my best not to overconsume media before release; but I really need an escape right now. 5 minutes ago they confirmed the first case of COVID in my city.