The Game Formerly Known As Trenched Will Forever Be Iron Brigade After …

Double Fine Productions excellent World War I era tower defense-style third person shooter Trenched is getting two notable updates. One, we're not going to call it Trenched anymore. Now it's Iron Brigade. And not just in Europe. Two, SURVIVAL MODE! » 9/12/11 6:20pm 9/12/11 6:20pm

This Is Trenched, A Game That Seems To Have Everything Going For It

How best to explain the wonderfully unusual Trenched? It's true that it's a tower defense game. It's also a third-person shooter, a deeply customizable war game with loot drops and online player progression. This is World War I-era trench warfare, only this time, the good guys have giant gas-powered mechs and the bad… » 3/09/11 9:00pm 3/09/11 9:00pm

Playing With The Sesame Street Game That Makes You Feel Like A Kid

The delightful Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster for Xbox 360's Kinect controller is easily the best Sesame Street video game I've ever played. Please, don't let the fact that it's also the only Sesame Street video game I've ever played diminish that praise. » 2/24/11 10:30pm 2/24/11 10:30pm

Stacking, An Adventure Game Of Class Struggle, Doll Collecting & Fart…

Don't let the farting, the peeing of pants and the tossing of cookies let you think that Russian doll adventure game Stacking is just about sophomoric humor. There's depth to this downloadable game, layers to this tale of a pint-sized chimney sweep. » 12/23/10 12:00pm 12/23/10 12:00pm