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Get Trenched, That World War I Tower Defense Mech Game, on June 22

The people at Double Fine Productions, of Brutal Legend, Costume Quest and Stacking fame, are releasing their next game in June. That's Trenched, remember?


You don't remember? Well, if you're not in the mood to click the link to Kotaku's preview of Trenched, it's an entertaining blend of tower defense tactics, third-person shooting from the comfort of gas-powered mechs, and raw, early 20th century manliness. You can see just how masculine this game is by watching the newly released opening cinematic for Trenched up above.


Here's an older Trenched trailer with actual gameplay if that's your speed.

Trenched is an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive and will cost 1200 Microsoft Points when it deploys on June 22. It has mechs, multiplayer, laughs and unlockable hats, so do check it out.

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I tried the demo for Stacking and I found it tedious and boring. I don't know why everyone was sucked in by the 'charm'. I spent 20 minutes watching a boring interplay between Russian dolls with annoying music playing as they exposited a lame and cliche'd backstory.

Then when I FINALLY got to play, I was immediately drafted into a conversation that ate up another few minutes while I grew increasingly impatient with reading dialogue. Then when I finally got to play again I walked around the corner and had to have another conversation, which was mercially much shorter. Then I walked another few steps and was hit with another wall of text.

At this point, I quit the game and Double Fine lost a sale. I would not have minded so much if I was playing the full game and knew actual gameplay was coming, but I never got a chance to see what the gameplay was like because for all I know there wasn't any in the demo that I hated so much I didn't finish it.

What I'm saying is, I think I'll pass on Double Fine until they put out another full-size game. Brutal Legend was great.