Creating a brand-new official Muppet character is a task few people in this world have the opportunity to undertake. Double Fine Productions Scott Campbell is one of those people, and this is what his effort has wrought.

Once Upon A Monster is the most exciting Sesame Street video game ever created. Using Microsoft's Kinect camera, children and adults that order it online out of shame will find themselves adventuring alongside such lifelike felt creations as Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Seamus.

Who the hell is Seamus?

He's the yellow fellow in the pictures here, the creation of Double Fine's production designer and comic book illustrator Scott Campbell (not to be confused with J. Scott Campbell). Seamus is a shy monster that has a hard time feeling comfortable around other monsters. He rarely leaves his grotto beneath the Electric Jungle, unless the fashion fits.


See, Seamus loves fashion, and the right clothing can change his mood, overriding his natural shyness with a game of dress-up. He's the sort of character I can easily see making a transition to Sesame Street proper, should the game take off.

Call me crazy, but I can imagine no greater honor than to have your own Muppet design brought to pseudo life via the magic of felt, yarn, and googly eyes.