Tim Schafer's Next Title Is A...Tower Defense Game?

You just can't stop Double-Fine from releasing games at the moment. Costume Quest, Stacking, Sesame Street, all out or coming out within a year of each other. You can now add Trenched to that list.

Trenched is a tower defence game with a twist: instead of looking down on the batlefield from a safe distance, giving orders to your little towers, you're going to be right there on the battlefield, taking control of units and guns and helping stem the tide of advancing enemies.


As previously posted, it's set shortly after the First World War, and...look, did nobody play Toy Soldiers?

I loved Toy Soldiers, though, so if this is just that with giant mechs, then we're all in for a good time.

Some other tweaks to the old tower defence model include some RPG elements - like customising your units and characters - and four player co-op.


Trenched will be out later this year on Xbox Live Arcade. You can catch a debut clip by clicking below.

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Trenched First Look Preview [G4]

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