Costume Quest Goes On Extended Holiday With 'Grubbins On Ice'

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Halloween has come and gone, but Double Fine Productions' candy-coated role-playing game Costume Quest will continue. The first add-on for that downloadable game, Grubbins On Ice, is coming soon.


GameSpot has first details on the wintry expansion to Costume Quest, which appears to be a five hour adventure in the vein of the original game, including a new hunt for a missing member of your candy-begging costumed crew. The follow-up will feature at least a few new costumes—a pirate costume, a track suit, and an eyeball—a trip to the monster world of Repugia and a few fixes for the original Costume Quest's technical quirks.

The downloadable Costume Quest add-on "Grubbins On Ice" is due sometime in December for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.


Costume Quest - Grubbins on Ice First Look [Gamespot]

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This is just what I hoped they wouldn't do... idk, it seems kinda forced, to do it for every holiday, I was kinda hoping they'd just wait till next Halloween, release an amazing new game, and be all "fuck yeah bitches"

Though I'm still frustrated that I spent $15 on a 5 hour game, with no difficulty.