The Game Formerly Known As Trenched Will Forever Be Iron Brigade After Free Update

Illustration for article titled The Game Formerly Known As emTrenched/em Will Forever Be emIron Brigade/em After Free Update

Double Fine Productions excellent World War I era tower defense-style third person shooter Trenched is getting two notable updates. One, we're not going to call it Trenched anymore. Now it's Iron Brigade. And not just in Europe. Two, SURVIVAL MODE!


Why is Double Fine changing the justifiably titled Trenched to Iron Brigade? Turns out there was a little trademarking snag in Europe, a conflict with a Portuguese board game of a similar name. So, Iron Brigade it is, clearing the way for the Xbox Live Arcade game's release in Europe.


The game's title will change as part of a free update planned for release alongside the delayed European export of Iron Brigade. Said update also includes the new and oft-requested Survival Mode, featuring "10 new pieces of high level gear," according to Double Fine.

"No date yet but it's going to be in certification real soon!" writes Double Fine on its Facebook page. "Sorry it's taking so long and thanks for your patience!" Apology accepted!

So, good news/bad news and a damn good reminder to pick up the highly enjoyable Trenched while you still can.


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Prof. Bananas Goldsteinberg

This is something I've not seen before; A game changing titles post-release.