Watch Us Play Headlander, A Retro Sci-Fi Metroidvania

Headlander is a wild new Metroidvania for PS4 and PC from the folks at Double Fine Productions and Adult Swim Games. It is a disco fever dream mix of shooting, puzzles, and exploration. It’s pretty damn swell to play as a floating head! Join me as I talk about director Lee Petty’s approach to design, shoot the heads off a lot of robots, and examine what does and does not work in Double Fine’s latest charmer!

Former Senior Writer and Critic at Kotaku.

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Stephen Totilo

I went in not knowing what to expect and am having a really good time. I’ve made it to the yellow robots. This is definitely helping fill the 2D-Metroid-sized hole in my gaming diet, though I wish they hid things a little more deeply (or maybe they did and I just haven’t found said hidden things yet!).

I also really like the game’s style, which is kitschy retro-futuristic. Shag carpets, oval-shaped monitors and rainbow effects. Very disco.