The Newest Dance Dance Revolution is All Past Editions in One

This past weekend at the JAEPO arcade game expo in Tokyo, Konami showed off Dance Dance Revolution, the latest arcade iteration in the Dance Dance Revolution franchise. The return to the core name makes sense because Dance Dance Revolution will have nearly every song from all 13 major arcade releases in one machine. »2/19/13 8:00am2/19/13 8:00am

Man Plays Dance Dance Revolution For Over 16 Hours, Lives To Tell the Tale

While most people spent yesterday sleeping off food hangovers and trying not to do any real work, 17 year old Alexander Skudlarek from Rochester, Minnesota was getting letters from the Guinness Book of World Records confirming he now has the title for "longest video games marathon playing Dance Dance Revolution". »12/28/11 2:00am12/28/11 2:00am