Watch This Elderly Japanese Couple Tear Up DDR

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Meet Mr. and Mrs. Akiyama. Now 72 and 68, they first appeared on Japanese television two years ago to show off their love for DanceDanceRevolution.


Japan has its fair share of old people. It also has its fair share of old gamers (here, here, here, and here).

Recently, Akiyamas appeared on a "where are they now?" segment on the same variety program on which they previously were featured and once again showed off their DDR moves. In the clip, Japanese comedians Fruit Punch also try their hand at the dance game. They are not very good.

The Akiyamas began playing DDR twelve years ago to stay healthy and active. They now go to their local arcade in Shizuoka Prefecture twice a week and are hoping to play DDR until they are 80.

ナニコレ珍百景(70歳DDRer~その後) [YouTube via Arcade Heroes]


I noticed a healthy, slim older couple the other day and wished more Americans took care of themselves. I'm tired of being surrounded by blobs.

I mean, it's normal to gain some weight when you get old. Skinny != healthy. But obese != healthy either.