Play Naked Dance Dance Revolution At This Love Hotel In Japan

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In Japan, Love Hotels are specifically designed as places where folks can go and have sex. At Hotel Eldia, when they’re done with that, they can play arcade games.


As Livedoor News reports, room 211 at Hotel Eldia in Kobe has a Dance Dance Revolution Supernova machine. The room is available for two hours for 6,490 yen ($58) on weekdays and 7,490 yen ($67) on weekends and holidays.

It’s not the only room in the hotel with a music game. Room 215 also has a Taiko no Tatsujin machine. You can play that too when you’re naked!

Interestingly, this isn’t the first love hotel in Japan to have a DDR machine. Back in 2013, a love hotel in Yamagata Prefecture had one, too.

Besides rhythm games, Hotel Eldia also has a slide, which isn’t a first for love hotels. However, that same room also has a rock-climbing wall.


There really is a lot to do at Hotel Eldia.

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SuperNOVA is not a good choice for DDR game version. If it’s for nostalgia, you need 5thMIX or Extreme. MAYBE SuperNOVA2 if the Japanese really care about that version. If you want people serious about playing DDR at high levels, or people that haven’t played DDR before, the only right choice is DDR A.