The final preorder bonus for Paradox Interactive's eagerly-anticipated PC/Mac grand strategy Europa Universalis IV has been revealed — a save game converter for Kotaku 2012 Game of the Year nominee Crusader Kings II, and a free copy of that game for those unfortunate enough to not own it already. » 7/30/13 9:00am 7/30/13 9:00am

The Best Game Of Thrones Game Is Becoming The Ultimate GoT Game

The official Game of Thrones video games were largely terrible. Lucky for us, then, that the Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings II is better than any official game could ever have been. Even luckier for us, that mod is about to get a whole lot better. » 5/14/13 11:30pm 5/14/13 11:30pm

Crusader Kings II's Newest Expansion Will Make You A Viking

Hyper-complex medieval strategy game and one of our 2012 GOTY nominees Crusader Kings II has a new expansion on the way, and the announcement trailer just hit the web. Old Gods will place you back in good ol' 867 AD, when Vikings ruled the land and seas. This pagan-themed jaunt will offer "hundreds of new events," and… » 2/04/13 12:15pm 2/04/13 12:15pm

Crusader Kings II's New Roman Expansion Pack Wasn't Built In A Day

No, it was built over a much longer period of time than that. But hopefully Legacy of Rome will be worth the wait—some of the DLC for the excellent strategy game has been disappointing, and some has been quite good. And let's not forget that you can also mod CKII into the best Game of Thrones video game on the market. » 8/28/12 7:00pm 8/28/12 7:00pm

Play a Game as a Medieval Islamic Ruler. For Once.

Given the fact most big games are made by Westerners for Westerners, we don't often get the chance to assume the role of a serious, proper Islamic (or even Middle Eastern!) character. And no, Ubisoft, a fairy-tale, clichéd ideal of a Persian Prince doesn't count. » 5/31/12 2:00am 5/31/12 2:00am

There is an Awesome Game of Thrones Video Game. You Can Play it Right…

Over the weekend, the first playable release of Crusader Kings II: A Game of Thrones was made available for public download. And it is already pretty much the perfect Game of Thrones video game. » 5/28/12 11:00pm 5/28/12 11:00pm