Blink And You'll Miss The First Shot Of TV's New Flash In Costume

I've been waiting for this moment since Grant Gustin first showed up as Barry Allen in CW's Arrow earlier this season — our first peek at the latest TV iteration of DC Comics' scarlet speedster, the Flash. » 2/28/14 1:23pm 2/28/14 1:23pm

Creepy App Turns Your Friends Into Bloody Corpses

It's hard to come up with a good Halloween costume...but if you happen to have an iPhone, you have a couple of new options open up to you thanks to Mark Rober. Specifically, costumes that take advantage of the iPhone's screen to show squicky stuff, like guts or eyeballs. » 10/09/13 6:30pm 10/09/13 6:30pm

Diablo III's Female Monk Comes to Life in this Stunning Cosplay

Blizzard and master cosplayer Christina Sims team up to present her amazing Diablo III Monk cosplay from BlizzCon 2010 in a more natural setting. » 4/18/12 9:30am 4/18/12 9:30am

The Blizzcon 2011 Costume Contest Winner Must Be Seen to Be Believed

In a show filled with people dressed in cardboard copies of World of Warcraft armor a woman dressed up as the Adjutant from Starcraft completely stole the show at last night's costume contest. » 10/22/11 2:30pm 10/22/11 2:30pm

Sega's Make-A-Witch Foundation Tells You How To Be Bayonetta

Halloween is just around the corner, but you've still got time to make a sweet Bayonetta costume to prance about in Saturday night. Sega's Make-A-Witch Foundation website can help. » 10/27/09 2:00pm 10/27/09 2:00pm

Fun Ways to Torture Your Pets: Katamari Damacy Costume

Have a dog that embarrasses easily? Still looking for a way to humiliate them this Halloween? This Katamari Damacy » 10/26/08 2:30pm 10/26/08 2:30pm Prince costume may be just the ticket. I wish my dog were smaller, because I'd totally be ordering her one — and she thinks the height of humiliation is being forced to wear her light up, blinking…

How To Make a Sackboy Costume

English web designer Adam made himself a pretty damn cool Sackboy costume. Better still, he wrote up how exactly you can make one too on his website. The 13-step process, which includes buying a plastic bin, bubble wrap, sweat shirts and duct tape, seems fairly doable by even the most spastic of costume creators » 9/15/08 4:00pm 9/15/08 4:00pm.…