I've been waiting for this moment since Grant Gustin first showed up as Barry Allen in CW's Arrow earlier this season — our first peek at the latest TV iteration of DC Comics' scarlet speedster, the Flash.

Spoilers follow.

Last we saw Gustin he was being splashed with chemicals and struck by lightning at the end of Arrow's winter finale, after visiting Oliver Queen and company in the hopes of enlisting the mysterious bow-wielding vigilante's help in finding his mother's murderer.


Next we'll see him, aside from some Arrow cameos, is as the front man of his own Flash pilot, co-starring the likes fof John Wesley Shipp, who played Barry Allen in the original Flash series from the 90's.


So, what do you think of the duds? Tight-fitting, red leather, crafted to contain Gustin's charming goofiness so no one figures out his secret identity? I approve.

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