Harley Quinn Hearts Kotaku

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Back in July, Lisa Foiles (of Nickelodeon's All That fame) wrote up a blog response to a post Owen Good wrote up about Girl Gamers.


In it she argued that girls who play games are not rare, but girl gamers are.

Tonight she sent along this pic of her dressed as Harley Quinn with a special message to Kotaku readers. Happy belated Halloween everyone.

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David Vargas

Wait, why are people hating on this gal? She put together a great costume, looks convincing as Harley, and she decided to share her pic with Kotaku, who then decided to share it with us. It's like all them photos of carved pumpkins, cakes, and other video game art, it just so happens the subject matter is a pretty gal.

Also, yeah, there's plenty of girl gamers around, they just tend to gravitate towards more social games like WoW, or like Black-Dog-Howls points out, they keep quiet in games like Modern Warfare to avoid unwanted attention. #lisafoiles