What If The NES Games Of The 1980s Were Released In 2013?

We often look back fondly on the games of yesterday, especially when it comes to the purity of their design. In the days before DLC, before always-online, before microtransactions, they were things that you bought, once, they were complete, and you could enjoy the entire experience. » 4/24/13 7:23pm 4/24/13 7:23pm

Japanese Video Games Where You Can Play As A Badass American

The influence of American action movies in Japan has been huge. Shortly after the success of all the 1980s Hollywood action flicks with dudes like Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Chuck Norris, Japanese gaming created an entire library of different action titles with one common feature: Kill everything on the screen. Oh,… » 3/27/13 8:08am 3/27/13 8:08am

A Mysterious Borderlands 2 Side-Project, The Future of Contra and…

Editor's Note: The mysterious person known as Superannuation has dug through the depths of the Internet and uncovered some interesting facts. Today's batch gives you some insight to the status of a Contra reboot, the future of Riot Games, and what could be future Borderlands 2 DLC. » 9/19/12 1:00pm 9/19/12 1:00pm