Michael Bay Movies, Or: Why Your Eyes Love What Your Brain Hates

We're big fans of Tony Zhou's cinematic analyses, but we're especially fond of his recent breakdown of Michael Bay's visual approach, which manages to acknowledge the director's knack for spectacle while identifying him as a slave to his own system – a gratuitous, over-evolved action style we love to hate. »7/05/14 3:55pm7/05/14 3:55pm

It's Too Simple To Say Games Are Becoming More Like Movies. There's More To It, Even With Cutscenes.

Here is a fascinating dissection by Vimeo user Matthias Stork which is seven months old, but recently written up by Indiewire and tweeted by Roger Ebert, so I thought it was worth sharing. It delves into the relationship held between movies and games—which goes further than simply having more cutscenes in games… »1/16/13 1:30pm1/16/13 1:30pm

Gears (The Movie) Sticking Close To Gears (The Game)

When Hollywood adapts a property for the big screen - be it a book, comic or game - they can often take a few...liberties with the source material. Take the Mario Bros. movie, for example. The upcoming Gears of War movie, however, will be doing no such thing, with the film's screenwriter Chris Morgan telling MTV that… »10/30/08 12:30am10/30/08 12:30am