Street Fighter: The (Sucky) Movie Gets A Blu-Ray Release

Is there a market out there that needs/wants to stare intently at high-definition renditions of Kylie Minogue's butt cheeks, Jean Claude's chest cheeks and Raul Julia's...cheeks to the extent we need Street Fighter released on Blu-Ray? We'd like to think there isn't, and that the release of the forgettable, regrettable 90's tie-in is just part of Capcom's hype machine for Street Fighter IV (the disc is packed with "bonus" SFIV promo material), but these days, you never can tell. It'll be out on February 10, just in time to coincide with the console release of SFIV and the theatrical release of the Chun-Li movie. Street Fighter: Extreme Edition on Blu-Ray [Capcom]


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