This Is Why The Sims Movie Idea Is A Stupid Idea

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The core idea of making a movie on The Sims is a solid one. Solid in the storied Hollywood tradition that The Sims is popular, and movies based on popular things make money. But the execution? So far, it sounds just awful. Most people have pointed to the "Weird Science was the 80s" argument, and it's a valid one, but Newsweek's N'Gai Croal finds fault on a more fundamental level:

For Davis to take The Sims—the videogame equivalent of a soap opera or a telenovela—and turn it into yet another teen male high adventure story not only stereotypes videogames as being the province of boys alone, it also represents a missed opportunity to illustrate how this videogame in particular has illuminated the inner lives of girls, women and men alike.


Wait, there are men that play The Sims? The Big Idea: Should a Game Whose Core Audience Is Teen Girls Become a Movie Aimed at Teen Boys? [Newsweek]

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Real men play the Sims the same way any 12 or 13 year old boy would. Cheat for limitless money, build a kickass house, start playing, wait five minutes for your sims to find something to bitch about and then drown their asses in the most expensive pool money can buy. Sure, maybe throw the move objects code in there for a little shower/toilet/vibrating bed "nudity", just for kicks.