It's Too Simple To Say Games Are Becoming More Like Movies. There's More To It, Even With Cutscenes.

Here is a fascinating dissection by Vimeo user Matthias Stork which is seven months old, but recently written up by Indiewire and tweeted by Roger Ebert, so I thought it was worth sharing. It delves into the relationship held between movies and games—which goes further than simply having more cutscenes in games (though this, too, is explored). The relationship is actually mutual in some cases: I was impressed to see almost identical-looking footage of Spider Man and Mirror's Edge side by side.


All in all, a hugely informative video that I highly recommend watching. It makes me wonder about something a game designer once said to me: that the movie industry is becoming more and more influential in the game world—and yes, not just because of cutscenes and cinematic games.

Transmedia Synergies - Remediating Films and Video Games [Matthias Stork ]

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Anyone else think we're getting more and more games made by people who don't read books, who solely use films as inspiration/reference?