King Of Fighters Movie Sounds Like A Disaster-In-Waiting

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To refresh: Gordon Chan is directing a King of Fighters movie. Previously, details were scant, but today, details on the flick have surfaced. We wish they'd remained scant.


Seems filming has already begun in Canada, and the movie will star Maggie Q, Sean Faris, Will Yun Lee and Darth Maul himself, Ray Park. Those guys all have movie martial arts experience, that's the good news.


The bad news is this:

It also looks like the King of Fighters movie will introduce a new science fiction spin into the setting established in the games' universe by following the surviving members of three legendary fighting clans who are continually whisked away to other dimensions by an evil power. As the fighters enter each new world they battle that universe's native defenders, while the force that brought them seeks to find a way to invade and infect our world.

Huh? Wha?

You have until 2010 to prepare yourself for disappointment.

Exclusive: King of Fighters details revealed [Movieset]

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That...has absolutely nothing to do with King of Fighters...

I GUESS you could argue the "three fighting clans" to be the Yagami, the Kusanagi, and the Kagura clans...but that's still fucking stupid.