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The Oscars? Hah! Anyone can win an Oscar. And the show itself, gah, it's so boring. The Razzies, though, a night honouring the worst in Hollywood, well, now we're talking.


The 29th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards were held over the weekend, and as expected, Mike Myers and his cinematic abominaton The Love Guru won big. But career video game "filmmaker" Uwe Boll didn't go home empty-handed.

He won the award for Worst Director, courtesy of three of his films for the year (Postal, Tunnel Rats & Dungeon Siege, which picked up 5 nominations), but perhaps more fittingly was also given a Razzie "Worst Achievement Award" for his career's work. The award labels Boll "Germany's answer to Ed Wood".

Which is about as fitting a label as you're going to get for the man.

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