Did you ever play Space Invaders and, while you were dodging and firing and shooting, make up a story about who was in the tank and wish you could someday see them in a movie? Yeah, I didn't either.

Apparently someone at Warner Bros. has. The Los Angeles Times reports that the studio is negotiating with Taito for the feature film rights to the franchise. The Times says that, if a deal is reached, Mark Gordon, Jason Blum and Guymon Casady would produce the film. Gordon's credits include "Saving Private Ryan" and "The Day After Tomorrow." Blum produced "Paranormal Activity." Casady is a Hollywood fixture with plenty of A-list clients.


I don't know how this movie ends, but I'm willing to bet in a key scene the tank blasts through a shield and fires in between two full columns of invaders to bullseye the flying saucer.

You may recall that Asteroids will also become a feature film, with Universal having won the rights last summer to produce that. I'm not sure which game's premise has less of a story, but the upside is, there's very little canon for any schlocky adaptation to be unfaithful to. Space Invaders also is a year older than Asteroids, so I foresee this arms race ending only one way: "Pong: The Official Movie of the Game."

Video Game Incursion Into Hollywood Could Continue with Space Invaders [Los Angeles Times]

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