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Early Max Payne Review: "Horrid", "Dodgy", "Sub-standard"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Excited about the Max Payne movie? Don't be says Australian writer Latauro at movie site Ain't It Cool News. While the film's stars, such as actor Mark Wahlberg, have praised the script, the early buzz around the film is anything but praiseworthy. From the AICN review:

Then the reality of the film began to seep in. Horrid dialogue, surprisingly bad acting across the board, and some really dodgy sound editing — have you ever noticed sound editing before? neither — helped to drive an already sub-standard plot further into the ground... Nobody comes out of this thing looking good. The damn thing's 85 minutes and you swear you've been in there for about two and a half hours by the time it's over. All the buzz you've been hearing about how this film is good is coming from people whose jobs depend on it making money. Do not give it the time of day.

Sounds like the film's makers should've worried less about making Max Payne true to the video game and concentrated on, you know, just making a decent flick. All hope is not lost, as there will be many more reviews. And maybe, just maybe, you can one day see the Max Payne flick and say "hi" to his mother for us. Latauro Trashes All Eighty-Five Minutes Of MAX PAYNE!! [AICN]