Politician Out to Scare Parents Makes a Great Pitch for GTA Instead

I don't know where to begin with this, but it's hilarious. The state's attorney for a southern Chicago suburb on Thursday gathered middle school parents to urge an "economic boycott" of Grand Theft Auto, which has already made, like, a billion dollars. It sounds like a scared-straight lecture straight out of 1958. » 10/19/13 6:00pm 10/19/13 6:00pm

GTA IV Bus Ads To Terrorize Chicago Riders Once Again

Billboard advertising for Grand Theft Auto IV » 11/19/08 9:30pm 11/19/08 9:30pm will return to Chicago buses and bus stations for six weeks as part of a settlement with the Chicago Transit Authority. Rockstar Games parent Take-Two Interactive Chicago's public transportation body in May after the ads were following a Fox News report. Take-Two had…

Settlement in Take Two - Chicago Bus Ad Suit

Remember the lawsuit » 10/04/08 4:00pm 10/04/08 4:00pm over the Chicago bus ads for Grand Theft Auto IV that the city took down after a ? Seems a settlement is in the pipeline. GamePolitics is reporting an agreement has been reached but there's no comment and no specifics. Back in April, Chicago saw a headline-grabbing wave of violence — close to 40…