League Of Legends Pros Aren't Happy About Riot's Latest Lag Fix

Late last week, Riot revealed plans to relocate the North American servers for its popular online multiplayer game League of Legends from Portland to Chicago. The plan is to centralize the location of the servers, and thereby reduce lag for the greatest number of players possible. What could be the problem, you ask? »8/11/15 4:06pm8/11/15 4:06pm

Politician Out to Scare Parents Makes a Great Pitch for GTA Instead

I don't know where to begin with this, but it's hilarious. The state's attorney for a southern Chicago suburb on Thursday gathered middle school parents to urge an "economic boycott" of Grand Theft Auto, which has already made, like, a billion dollars. It sounds like a scared-straight lecture straight out of 1958. »10/19/13 6:00pm10/19/13 6:00pm

GTA IV Bus Ads To Terrorize Chicago Riders Once Again

Billboard advertising for Grand Theft Auto IV »11/19/08 9:30pm11/19/08 9:30pm will return to Chicago buses and bus stations for six weeks as part of a settlement with the Chicago Transit Authority. Rockstar Games parent Take-Two Interactive Chicago's public transportation body in May after the ads were following a Fox News report. Take-Two had…