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Take-Two Sues CTA Over Yanked GTA IV Ads

Illustration for article titled Take-Two Sues CTA Over Yanked GTA IV Ads

Take-Two isn't impressed with the Chicago Transit Authority's ability to crumble in the face of near-controversy, as it has filed suit against the CTA and ad provider Titan Outdoor for pulling Grand Theft Auto IV bus ads prior to the game's release. Those ads—bus billboards and station posters—were quickly yanked after a local Fox News affiliate wondered across the airwaves why the CTA was displaying paid for advertising for the Rockstar title.


We can only assume, based on the Reuters report, that Take-Two is also curious about the particulars involved in the removal of the $300,000 advertising program. The publisher filed the suit in a Manhattan court, claiming the CTA's actions violated "its free speech and contractual rights," officially.


The Fox News report that appears to take credit for the removal of the ads can still be seen online, for those looking for masochistic punishment delivered in the brain dead local news fashion.

"Grand Theft Auto" publisher sues over pulled ads [Reuters]

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Fox News and their damn agenda makes me sick! Its not damn news to report who is getting paid for advertising! Rockstar will win this case hands down!!!