Chicago Cops: 13-Year-Old Killed Cousin After Xbox Argument

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Cops in Chicago say a 13-year-old boy killed his 16-year-old cousin on Sunday morning, following a day in which the two had argued "about an Xbox" according to a police report.


The younger boy shot his cousin as he slept, according to a police report in this account by the Chicago Tribune, and later admitted to the slaying to police, with his mother present.

"The two boys had been arguing earlier about an Xbox, according to a police report," the Tribune reported. There are three different models of Xboxes; the oldest one is from 2001, the latest released in November. The one in question here was not specified.


It's not clear where the boy obtained the firearm, but no adults have been charged. The boy has been charged with first-degree murder, though as a juvenile.

Police: Boy, 13, kills cousin, 16, over Xbox [Chicago Tribune]

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Kid got a gun, no adult charged?

This is why we can't have nice things....