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A kid in suburban Chicago boosted a credit card and bought some games and virtual currency online. When the cops showed up to ask some questions, they found his folks, uh, "Victory Garden."


This news comes out of Buffalo Grove, which you might remember is where some kid called the cops after his parents took away his Xbox 360. Same suburb, different family this time. Trevor Miller, 17, allegedly used a credit card stolen from car, burglarized back in June, to buy some online games as well as "virtual gold coins." I guess that's better than the actual ones, which I always took as a synonym for Durex rubbers.


Anyhow, Johnny Law traced the purchases to Trev (may I call you Trev?) and showed up at his house to ask some questions. Inside, they spotted the stickiest of the icky, and more outside. Mom and Dad got jammed up for "unlawful production of marijuana," while Trev faces that count plus unlawful credit card use and computer fraud charges.

Lesson: You grow pot, you'd better be purer than Caesar's wife. And your kids, too.

Gamer Using Stolen Credit Card Gets His Family Busted For Growing Marijuana [Hot Blooded Gaming]

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