Illustration for article titled GTA IV Bus Ads To Terrorize Chicago Riders Once Again

Billboard advertising for Grand Theft Auto IV will return to Chicago buses and bus stations for six weeks as part of a settlement with the Chicago Transit Authority. Rockstar Games parent Take-Two Interactive sued Chicago's public transportation body in May after the GTA IV ads were pulled following a Fox News report. Take-Two had invested some $300,000 in advertising for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game prior to its release. With the holiday season upon us and the release of the PC version imminent, now's not such a bad time to get Niko Bellic's face out there. According to the report from Chicago Breaking News, the CTA voted to ban M-rated video game ads on its buses and stations, ensuring that this sort of marketing nightmare never happens again. 'Grand Theft Auto' ads return to CTA [Chicago Breaking News] [Image]


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