Settlement in Take Two - Chicago Bus Ad Suit

Remember the lawsuit over the Chicago bus ads for Grand Theft Auto IV that the city took down after a TV report created bad publicity? Seems a settlement is in the pipeline. GamePolitics is reporting an agreement has been reached but there's no comment and no specifics. Back in April, Chicago saw a headline-grabbing wave of violence — close to 40 shootings, seven of them fatal, 13 of the casualties school age. Around that time the GTA ads went up on city buses, like they were in other cities, per a $300,000 contract between Take-Two and the city. Because local television's business model depends heavily on the exploitation of others' fear and misery for profit, Fox News Chicago called up a bunch of chickenshit pols and huffed about the appropriateness of the ads. So they were taken down. Take-Two then sued for breach of contract. I'm not sure what the terms of the deal are but maybe this'll teach someone to show a little spine next time some blow-dried shit-for-brains TV reporter waves a microphone in their face. Take-Two Nearing GTA IV Ad Settlement with Chicago Bus Company [GamePolitics]


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