Can You Tell Generic Cereal From The Real Thing?

"It's the same exact thing, only it comes in a bag" my father used to tell me about generic versions of popular breakfast cereals. Was he a rotten liar? This blind taste test proves him right. Or possibly wrong. » 7/01/14 12:30pm 7/01/14 12:30pm

There Is Beauty Inside Every Box Of Lucky Charms

Creating a submission for the hypnotically pleasing Things Organized NeatlyTumblr, General Mills' Hello, Cereal Lovers put an entire box of Lucky Charms cereal in order. It's breathtaking. » 5/21/14 5:00pm 5/21/14 5:00pm

Start Your Day With A Delicious Cup Of Cereal Tea

Are you tired of suffering through all of that vigorous crunching and collateral mouth damage just to get to the delicious post-cereal milk at the end of the bowl? There is a better way, my friends — cereal tea. » 2/06/14 9:00am 2/06/14 9:00am

Franken Berry: The Snacktaku Monster Cereals Review Spooktacular

The vampire. The ghost. The werewolf. The mummy. We've tasted four of the five re-released monster cereals. For the fifth and final we're going to need shovels, and a strong tolerance for ass-heads. » 10/31/13 9:00am 10/31/13 9:00am

Yummy Mummy: The Snacktaku Monster Cereals Review Spooktacular

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, surrounded by servants and draped in gold and jewels, were considered gods among their people, but godhood came with a price. They served their people in life. They served them in death. They served them breakfast for all eternity. » 10/29/13 9:00pm 10/29/13 9:00pm

Frute Brute: The Snacktaku Monster Cereals Review Spooktacular

A man cursed with the form of a wolf, or a feral creature desperately attempting to shake of its vestigial ties to humanity? Whatever the balance of beast and boy in cherry-flavored Frute Brute be, both sides felt the sting of betrayal. Both have returned for their revenge. » 10/23/13 10:00pm 10/23/13 10:00pm

Boo Berry: The Snacktaku Monster Cereals Review Spooktacular

The sudden chill as you turn into the cereal aisle; the soft, lilting voice at the periphery of hearing, musing on breakfasts long ago; the ephemeral taste of berry-like flavor on the tip of your tongue — all these are Boo Berry, the Monster Cereal forever trapped between this world and the next. » 10/22/13 10:00pm 10/22/13 10:00pm

Count Chocula: The Snacktaku Monster Cereals Review Spooktacular

For the first time in America's troubled history, the five points on the pentagram of morning food evil glow as one upon store shelves, signaling the coming of the last complete breakfast. Five cereals in five days, and a Count Chocula shall lead them. » 10/21/13 6:30pm 10/21/13 6:30pm

This Cereal's Font—and Its Namesake—Seem to Scream 'Mario'

This is a box of "Marios," a novelty product pitched by Mario Williams, a new member of the Buffalo Bills' defensive line, and currently on sale in Buffalo-area grocery stores such as Top's. Proceeds from the sale of this cereal benefit patients and families of children being treated at an area cancer institute. The… » 9/16/12 4:30pm 9/16/12 4:30pm

Find Retro Atari Classics on the Back of Specially Marked Boxes of…

It might not be the video game-branded cereal Lisa Foiles craves, but the Atari-classic branded General Mills cereal boxes popping up at Target stores across the country might have you bringing the box back to the breakfast table again. » 2/13/12 6:30pm 2/13/12 6:30pm

Let’s Eat More Video Games, For Breakfast!

I know what you're thinking, and stop it. "Hey, Lisa, what makes you think you are an authority on such a hard-hitting journalistic subject like breakfast cereal? Redheads are unreliable sources 65% of the time, plus they make up statistics." » 11/25/11 2:00pm 11/25/11 2:00pm

There's a Full Serving Of City Of Heroes In Every Box Of Utopios

Just when I was afraid breakfast would be lost to me forever, UPS Man arrives to save the day with an extra-large box of Utopios. And guess what? There's a prize inside. » 11/09/10 3:20pm 11/09/10 3:20pm

Box of Cereal Old Enough to Drink Legally and Vote Sold for $200

We've dealt with factory sealed Nintendo rarities two decades old this past week, but at least their contents wouldn't throw you into gastric distress. A 22-year-old unopened "Nintendo Cereal System" box just sold for $207.50, or $103.75 per cereal. » 2/21/10 6:30pm 2/21/10 6:30pm