"It's the same exact thing, only it comes in a bag" my father used to tell me about generic versions of popular breakfast cereals. Was he a rotten liar? This blind taste test proves him right. Or possibly wrong.

Some of them feature different shapes. Others carry distinctly different textures. Light coming through a plastic bag changes a cereal's properties in ways cardboard boxed cereals never encounter. Anyone with a mouth worth half a damn should be able to pick the generic from the name brand easily. I can see flakes throwing someone for a loop (no pun intended), but otherwise this should be simple.

Of course I speak from absolutely no experience. You'll note that no one in BuzzFeed's video is Michael Fahey of Snacktaku. I guess they figured my inclusion in the study would be frootless.

For the record, my father was a rotten liar, but not about cereal — he was just ignorant about cereal.