How's It Going?: Cereal Edition

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Another day, another daily open thread. Come in, talk, and then get out of here. I don’t want y’all making a mess.

This weekend was an unusually busy one. I had shows to watch and news galore to round up and sift through. So my meals became simple and quick and one of my favorite fast and easy meals is cereal. A good bowl of one of my favorite cereals is always a nice way to get some grub in my belly quickly.

Of course, I know have to say what my favorite cereals are and watch as the comments fill with people angrily explaining why THEIR cereal choices are the best. I understand how the internet works.


Good cereal - Coca Coca Krispies, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, French Toast Crunch, Corn Pops, Honeycomb, and Cheerios.

Bad cereal - Honeysmacks, Cookie Crisp, Wheaties, Chex, and Fruit Loops.

Your Daily Simpsons Clip

How’s it going? Any good news to share? Are things around your part of the world returning to normal and does that freak you out? It seems like a lot of folks want to just move on and pretend everything is fine. That seems bad. I don’t know. What do you think?

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So I help run a convention every year, and it was supposed to be this weekend. So obviously no go there.

However, we still managed to do a few things digitally for folks, so that was nice. Mostly small stuff, like jackbox games, online tournaments, digital panels. Easily the highlight this weekend though has been getting Chris Ayres (Frieza) to do his first panel in almost 3 years thanks to the magic of the internet. Hopefully his recovery continues to go well and this eases up so he can come back in person down the line.