Everything I've Learned About The Witcher 3

Last week during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, I sat down with three gentlemen from CD Projekt Red to discuss their upcoming RPG The Witcher 3. We know it's an open-world game for PC and next-gen consoles, and that it will bring the story of the Witcher Geralt of Rivia to a close. We're guessing… » 4/03/13 8:00pm 4/03/13 8:00pm

The Witcher 3 Looks Ready for the PS4 in These New Screenshots

CD Projekt Red told us they were making a new engine before they told us what it was being used for. Of course, it was pretty easy to guess that The Witcher 3 was the big mystery title that RedEngine 3 was going to power. And now we're getting a look at the open-world that Geralt of Rivia will be roaming through—on… » 3/01/13 9:30am 3/01/13 9:30am

Drums! Dragons! Decent Graphics! Must be The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360

The latest trailer for the coming Xbox 360 "Enhanced Edition" of The Witcher 2 is a percussive lil' thing, featuring lots of intercut action, as well as at least a glimpse of one of the trademark steamy love scenes and a forest tableaux that just screams "See? The game looks fine on the Xbox 360!" There's also a… » 2/21/12 1:15pm 2/21/12 1:15pm