Reality Show Ensures Zynga's Hiring Process Just as Spectacular as Its Firing Process

Last month Zynga laid off more than 100 game developers in a firing extravaganza set against the backdrop of Apple's big iPad event. Thanks to CBS reality show "The Job", the company's hiring of a new associate game designer will be every bit as spectacular and public as that mass termination. » 11/12/12 7:55pm 11/12/12 7:55pm

New CSI: NY Game Lets You Play TV Characters

CSI Fans always a seem a little ghoulish to me. Admit it - part of the fun is in the increasingly intricate forms of death and the kind forensic detail that could give George Romero the willies. It's not clear yet how much corpse-rummaging will be involved in the new CSI: NY game from Ubisoft, but what you will » 9/04/08 5:20pm 9/04/08 5:20pm get —…

GameStop Teams With CBS To Further Annoy You

GameStop's in-store promotional bombardment is about to get a little more...intensive. The company is to launch an improved in-store "TV station" in conjunction with CBS and Reflect Systems, which will see not only select CBS programming (ie TV shows, sports, etc) broadcast directly into stores, but also a range of… » 6/07/08 12:30am 6/07/08 12:30am