CSI: NY Tackles the Deadly World of Competitive Gaming in the Cleverly-Titled "Kill Screen"

Illustration for article titled emCSI: NY/em Tackles the Deadly World of Competitive Gaming in the Cleverly-Titled Kill Screen

On tomorrow's investigation-packed episode of CBS's CSI: NY, Spengler, Mattock and Lady Minerva attempt to solve the murder of a pro-gaming champion in "Kill Screen". Gives you tingles, doesn't it? "Kill Screen"! So menacing.


Sounds like the team at the New York Department of Solving Crimes is in over their heads this time. It will take all of their combined mutant powers to ferret out the killer against a backdrop of Xbox 360 game references. Which games are real? Which are fake? Who killed Danzig, so named because it seemed like a great name for a cool gaming pro? Will Lady Minerva and Mattock ever reconcile their forbidden love?

See, you don't have to understand something to make it sound exciting and dangerous. Just pick a menacing-sounding term that's vaguely related to the topic you're covering and wing it. For instance, if I decided to write a game based on CSI: NY, I would probably call it Cross-Contamination. It just means getting two or more samples mixed up, but it sounds so cool.


"Kill Screen" is so perfect it was already used for NCIS season eight, episode 16 last year. Note that NCIS is just one letter away from CSI: NY.

I realize CSI fans are probably confused and angry right now. Now they know how gamers will feel while watching tomorrow's episode.

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Ooo, "Game Over". So cool!

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Static Jak

Well, could have been worse judging by that clip. At least it looked a "little" like a gaming convention.

We've seen far stupider things in these kind of shows. Unfortunately.