Zynga Just Laid Off More Than 100 Game Developers During Apple's Big iPad Event [Update]

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Zynga has shut down their Boston office entirely and performed significant layoffs in their Austin office this afternoon, reports say.

Boston-area game developers are reporting on Twitter that Zynga Boston has been completely shuttered today. The Boston studio, known as Conduit Labs before being acquired by Zynga in 2010, created the Indiana Jones Adventure World Facebook game.


Reports are also beginning to surface of major layoffs at Zynga's Chicago office, and at Zynga Austin:


Zynga's Austin office created city-building game The Ville, the subject of a lawsuit by SimCity owners EA.

Gamasutra is confirming the reports of the Austin layoffs.

The news about the studio closures and layoffs began to circulate during Apple's big press conference, in a piece of timing not unlike THQ's decision earlier this year to announce layoffs during the first day of E3.


We have asked Zynga for comment and will update as soon as we hear back.

UPDATE: Zynga CEO Mark Pincus just sent out a memo confirming the closure of Zynga Boston and that layoffs took place at Zynga Austin. See the full note for more.


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Did you just really make this about Apple somehow?