CSI Fans always a seem a little ghoulish to me. Admit it - part of the fun is in the increasingly intricate forms of death and the kind forensic detail that could give George Romero the willies. It's not clear yet how much corpse-rummaging will be involved in the new CSI: NY game from Ubisoft, but what you will get โ€” for the first time in a CSI game โ€” is the chance to play some of the actual characters from the show. Five new cases have been created by writers from the show and then illustrated in a new 'graphic novel' style of cartoony animation. It looks quite nice, although I would be hard pressed to identify that guy as Gary Sinese without the caption. Maybe there is some kind of likeness licensing issue.A new interrogation feature lets you keep pushing suspects in different directions to wear them down and ferret out the info you need. Other than that it looks like minigame business as usual trying to triangulate bullet trajectories, reconstruct evidence and crack codes. Crack the case with new 'CSI: NY' game [Monsters and Critics]