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Double the Presentation in NCAA Hoops 10

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No lie, the inclusion of CBS's announcers and graphics package with ESPN's for NCAA Basketball 10 fires me up. A dual-network presentation agreement is unprecedented, and EA Sports' development blog gives a little more insight into the effort that required.


More than just table overlays and title graphics, EA Sports is including signature wipes and other elements specific to both networks.

Our lead screen artist had to create 2 sets of broadcast specific logo sets (that are used in different overlays and wipes) for every team in the game. That's over 600+ unique pieces of art for logos alone! You'll see these logos in various overlays like National Top 25, player stat pop ups and team/player montage wipes (to name a few).


So, you can see this was nowhere near as simple as swapping colors or logos.

People who watch college basketball are used to seeing and extracting info out of the score overlays and montages during the games they watch on ESPN and CBS Sports. We had to nail this functionality and be true to the broadcast in order to make it authentic and easy to gather info and make changes based on that information. It is also a lot of fun knowing that the stats showing up in the ESPN or CBS Sports broadcasted game you are playing are a direct result of you playing a game or working through a dynasty. ESPN and CBS Sports are recording and surfacing YOUR stats, YOUR team's averages, YOUR work.

NCAA Basketball 10 - CBS and ESPN Presentation Packages [Inside EA Sports via Pasta Padre]

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game-hating andrew

Anyone else read the title as "Double the Penetration"?