CBS and Ludia have teamed up for an exciting race through exotic locales, developing video games based off the Emmy Award-winning reality show The Amazing Race.

Ludia, the company that brought us Hell's Kitchen, American Idol, and Where's Waldo video games in the past, is looking to add another fair to middling television show adaptation to their line up, securing the rights to The Amazing Race. Games will be released across multiple unnamed platforms in with the show's 14th season, which is currently underway.

"The heart-pounding adventure, around-the-world competition and postcard worthy settings of ‘The Amazing Race' are perfectly suited for video game adaptation," said Alex Thabet, Founder and CEO of Ludia. "We are thrilled to add such a high-energy, suspenseful franchise to our slate, and we will infuse those key elements into a highly social, team-based multiplayer game that unites duos in cooperative game play to compete against rivals.


A highly social, team-based multiplayer game sounds lovely, though having played some of Ludia's other titles my excitement level is through the floor for this one.

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