Nintendo Captures Lucrative Handbag Rental Market

In a move that once again proves that Nintendo is willing to great lengths to make sure everyone enjoys their products but their hardcore fans, Nintendo has teamed up with handbag rental portal From Bags To Riches to include Nintendo DS systems with select bags through the end of the year. Yes, apparently some… » 9/17/08 10:40am 9/17/08 10:40am

Cammie Dunaway Talks E3 2008, Own Gaming Habits

Nintendo's E3 2008 press conference left a lot of folks finally unsatisfied and disappointed. It was like Nintendo wasn't speaking to a portion of its audience anymore and just kept patting himself on the back. Now that the dust has settled and time has passed, what does Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway (pictured) think of… » 8/19/08 4:00am 8/19/08 4:00am

Nintendo Says "Thank You" For Watching Its E3 Press Conference

E3 2008 is over. Finished. But Nintendo hasn't forgotten and is sending out thank you notes, thanking folks for attending its presser. The letter reads: "THANK YOU for attending our E3 media briefing. Nintendo aims to bring people engaging make them smile...and we hope we provided you at least a… » 8/12/08 9:20am 8/12/08 9:20am