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Messrs. Fils-Aime, Miyamoto and Iwata of Nintendo are due to take the stage at the Kodak Theater in downtown Hollywood today, giving E3 attendees a look at what's in store for the Wii and Nintendo DS. The whole thing kicks off at 9 AM "sharp." Since these things always start a few minutes late and we've got some time to kill, join us in the comments as we await the megatons, Nintendo-style.

We'll be hosting another contest in the comments for fabulous prizes, etc., so keep an eye on the liveblog for details.

Hit the jump for our up-to-the-minute liveblog coverage of Nintendo's E3 2008 Media Briefing.


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Watch this liveblog closely to win FABULOUS prizes. We'll be quizzing you based on how attentive you are to what goes down, so pay attention! Once you know the answer to a question, the first person to email will be the winner (you broke the comments, jerks!). You will be disqualified unless you put what question number you're answering in the email's subject line. Easy, right?

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@NeoStarr: People complained about their lack of support for the "core" Wii gamer, not the DS gamer... GTA for DS did NOTHING to appease the fears that core Wii owners have had for the past 6 months.

If they really cared about the core gamer (like they love to say they do), then they would have made more than 1 passing reference at what the Zelda/Mario teams are working on...

Instead, 99.9% of their presser covered new gimmick casual games...

They may have some things still in the pipeline for their core audience, but it just doesn't seem like they care about them as much as their casual innovations.

The fact is, if they continue with their current attitude toward core gamers, more and more core gamers are going to jump ship to other consoles or the PC. And I don't think they understand how big of an impact that will have on the longevity of the system.

Their current attitude will end up turning the Wii into nothing more than a gimmick. (even though it had sooo much more potential)

I can only pray they pull their heads out before it's too late.