Cammie Says Nintendo "Not Thinking" About Colored Wiis ATM

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We're bored with our Wiis. They sit there, don't get played, just flash blue at us every now and again. Know what would get us very interested in Wiis again? Wiis that come in different colours. Colours to match our moods, our decor, our favourite summertime hats. It's a shame, then, that Nintendo still aren't thinking about making good on their 2006 tease, with Cammie Dunaway telling IGN "when you've got something that's still selling out about as fast as we can put it into the market, we're not thinking about further colors at this point". All well and good, Nintendo, but you won't be selling any more around here, until we see a Wii in lime green. Interview: Cammie Dunaway [IGN]


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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@gencid:To kill off their current console which is bringing in money, attention and customers in favor of what pretty much sounds like a PS3 with more features is not how you do things. In fact, if you want to watch Nintendo implode? That's how you would do it. If Nintendo did what you said, they would effectively slit their throats forever.

Like I said, you can point out yourself and folks who feel like you, but as time has shown, the marketshare you make up of counts for at best maybe 0.005% Nintendo has bigger fish to fry then you and your friends. I owned a GCN and a N64 too and you know what Nintendo owes me? Jack shit. Same goes for you and everyone else.

If you really own everything current and pay attention to the market, you would know better. But your not. Go re-read your statement and tell me just how that would help Nintendo match or even go past it's current marketing and success with the Wii, please. Keep in mind most of the features your asking for are already done or a case of "Not good enough for you."

@fuchikoma:Great post. IMHO, it's really up to the third parties at this point. It's going to take Nintendo at least four more years before it could get enough programmers and other assorted people to bring things up to the point where they could put out enough games to make up for a lack of them.

I honestly think people need to remember that the Wii is a secondary console and as such, will not gain as much focus as the primary console. That's one reason third parties bitch so much, because they know they have a better chance elsewhere, instead of on the Wii which many people buy for Nintendo games first.