Last year, Nintendo's E3 press conference was a train wreck.

Nintendo marketing exec Cammie Dunaway is upbeat about this year's though, giving reasons why we should be excited about this year's presser. "Well, because, I'm going to be up on stage presenting, something that your fans ought to love," Dunaway told IGN. "But I'm not gonna snowboard, I'm not gonna show my mother's day card. I'm just going to talk about the games." And smile! A LOT.

The saleswoman seems to have gotten cut-off in the IGN interview, because when asked if there was anything she could say about E3, she shrugged and replied, "All I can say is I hope we have something."


We hope so, too! Don't forget folks, Dunaway doesn't actually make the games, but rather, she markets them to you. And smiles. (^ ^)

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