U.S. Version Of Club Nintendo To Hand Out Physical Goodies

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Nintendo of America announced that it was bringing the Club Nintendo customer reward programing stateside in October, just prior to Tokyo Game Show. Details were scant, only revealing that Nintendo fans could accrue points through filling out surveys and, of course, buying armfuls of Nintendo stuff, then registering that stuff. But what kind of stuff will we, the purchasers of Nintendo stuff, get in return? MTV Multiplayer caught up with Nintendo VP Cammie Dunaway to inquire about the program, still planned to launch before the end of the year. The good news? Expect to get tangible rewards a la the Japanese Club Nintendo for your virtual "gold coins." Hopefully, that means desk cluttering collectibles like the Mario moustache towels and Club Nintendo-only software like Tingle's Balloon Fight. HOPEFULLY! New Details About U.S. Version Of ‘Club Nintendo’, Will Include American And Japanese Items [MTV Multiplayer]


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DaiMacculate - impotentnerdrage.com

I'm very interested in this, can't wait to see if it is indeed in any way going to count my currently registered products, or if one will need to re-register and/or make actually buy new games to count towards this.

As always though, I'm more interested in finding out when the hell Nintendo plans on fixing my Wii to store more VC games. I'm tired of deleting things to add new stuff. Downloading things when I want to play them is annoying. The sad thing is there are at least 5 games I'd buy tomorrow on the VC right now if I had more room for them.

Dammit Nintendo. How many Wiis do I have to sell to people I know before its enough for you to just fix the ONE problem I personally have with your console :P