Nintendo's E3 conference didn't really go to plan. Lots of disappointment afterwards. Disappointment that manifested itself into hate. Hate that was then focused on Nintendo of America's Cammie Dunaway, and her Mother's Day cards, and her cute puppies, and her world-devouring grin. People felt she was grating, annoying, that she was, worst of all, fake. Well, she'd like you to know she's not fake. She is, indeed, for real:

I'm really a genuinely smiley, nice person. Because people think I'm fake, smiling up there. I'm just not! It's just me! I am who I am.

Which is likely true! Though in the Nintendo acolytes defence, it was probably the content they were most displeased with, not necessarily the delivery.

Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway: I'm Not Faking It [Wired]