Captain America and Iron Man's Civil War Teams Revealed

While there’s been many rumors circulating about just who is fighting who in the next Captain America movie—but newly emerged promotional art has given our first look at just who is standing with Captain America or Iron Man in Marvel’s impending superheroic dustup. There’s even a surprising face or two... spoilers… »8/27/15 12:30pm8/27/15 12:30pm

Here's Where The Marvel Movie Characters Stand, Now That Phase 2 Is Over

Now that Ant-Man is out, Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is over. This slate of six movies began with Iron Man 3, and included some bold experiments (Guardians of the Galaxy) as well as huge upheavals. Now that it’s over, where do all our favorite characters stand? Let’s get you up to speed for Phase Three. »7/21/15 4:34pm7/21/15 4:34pm

The Yakuza TV Show is Action Packed From Beginning to End

The Yakuza franchise has definitely been one of the most popular video game properties in Japan for the last few years. Not only has there been at least one main series game every other year, but there have been several spin-off titles as well (not to mention a live-action movie »1/18/13 8:00am1/18/13 8:00am). One of these titles is a PSP Yakuza…

Marvel Needs to Get Around to Fixing My Favorite Superhero

The Black Panther is my favorite superhero. So, it really sucks that I hate almost everything about him right now.

It's not just that the Black Panther is a favorite of mine. He's also one of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's best creations, first showing up in a run that's considered one of the best of all time. Almost… »8/21/12 3:00pm8/21/12 3:00pm