Easy Preparation to Get the Most Out of Black Friday's Deals

We're already seeing awesome holiday deals come in, and we're expecting that trend to continue as we get closer to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Week. Here are a few things you can do to be ready to take advantage of those deals, and get the biggest discounts possible. » 11/06/14 2:15pm 11/06/14 2:15pm

Playstation Plus One Year Membership For $22 [Updated]

At midnight ET eBay will have a year of Playstation Plus, the second best value in gaming behind the Humble Bundle, for a ridiculously low $22. This is the lowest price ever for the membership, and quite possibly the lowest we'll see it before next Black Friday. The rush to buy this is going to be insane, and it's… » 11/28/13 10:08pm 11/28/13 10:08pm

Battlefield 4 $25, $75 With Season Pass (PS3 Digital) Now Live

At 9:10pm ET Amazon will have the first lightning deal through its new Playstation Network store, discounting Battlefield 4 to $25, or bundled with its Season Pass for $75. We've been told that stock will be ample, but after seeing multiple other Black Friday lightning deals sell out in seconds, we recommend you be… » 11/28/13 8:15pm 11/28/13 8:15pm

The Last Of Us And Beyond: Two Souls Discounted To $25 Each [Gone]

At 6:10pm ET, Amazon will knock the prices of game of the year contender The Last of Us and Quantic Dream's latest game, Beyond Two Souls, down to $25 each. This matches the best doorbuster prices we've gotten wind of, and if the speed at which Amazon's other lightning deals have disappeared thus far is any… » 11/28/13 5:50pm 11/28/13 5:50pm

Playstation 3 Bundle With The Last Of Us And Arkham Origins $200

Amazon has the Playstation 3 Holiday Bundle with game of the year contender The Last of Us and the latest game in the Arkham series for $200. This bundle will be $190 during a lightning deal at some point, and $180 on eBay at some point as well, but we expect those two instances to sell out instantly. [Amazon] » 11/28/13 3:41am 11/28/13 3:41am