What Did Black Friday Make You Buy?

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It’s okay. No one is blaming you. It was the day—that damnable day. Relax. We’re all friends here. Just tell us what the bad shopping deals made you buy.


No one is going to be upset if you traded your old original PlayStation Vita for the GameStop exclusive Aqua Blue slim.

And what’s that? You came home early Thursday morning with a 40 inch 1080p Hisense (what the hell is a Hisense?) television set you picked up for $150 from Walmart despite having more screens in your tiny home than Christian Bale’s Batman had in his underground metaphor bunker? It’s okay.

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Maybe put it somewhere other than your computer desk. It’s kind of obnoxious. Besides, its response time is measured in days.

So yeah, another big shopping day, another random television in my house and another console swap-out I didn’t need. I blame the voices in my head that make me do things.

To be fair, I also picked up some toys for the kids (can’t beat a $7 Etch-a-Sketch) and a couple of presents for family members.


What did the bad day make you buy? Did you get anything spectacular? Did you manage to resist the call of consumerism? Share your misery and triumphs in the comments.

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Nothing. I ALMOST bought The Handsome Collection. Almost bought a cheap tablet. Almost bought Dishonored: Definitive Edition. Almost bought Shadow of Mordor.

But I stayed strong!